Are Snipers at Sporting Events? | Where? The question of snipers at sporting events has moved beyond “if,” to “where”. With recent terrorist attacks and increased security measures around the country, law enforcement snipers are becoming more commonly deployed at stadiums and large public gatherings to provide extra security measures against terrorist attacks or mass panic. While this practice is nothing new, its visibility was raised more recently with the release of Two Minute Warning, depicting an evil sniper shooting directly at spectators at Los Angeles Coliseum during a football match and killing them via both direct gun fire as well as panic-induced stampedes which led to mass deaths of spectators during a football match which depicted him killing both direct bullet fire as well as panicked stampedes leading directly into their deaths from behind security barriers.

Snipers are specially-trained professionals who use binoculars to monitor an area from an elevated vantage point, using binoculars to view crowds below them. This is particularly crucial at stadiums or other large public venues where innocent people could easily become targets of terrorists seeking mass casualties. Snipers also assess crowd behavior and detect suspicious activities – something which will become extremely useful should there be a terrorist attack of any size.

Police snipers must undergo intensive training to become qualified for their positions and uphold the highest standards of excellence both on the battlefield and during competition shooting. As a result, competitive marksmen and military snipers have long had an animus toward one another; while this rivalry can be understandable, it does not diminish snipers as an unique class of shooter capable of taking shots over long distances, from prepared positions in complex environments, against moving targets that may hide among innocent civilians; quickly identify hostiles while making correct decisions under extreme stress.

As a response to 9/11 terrorist attacks, many stadiums began installing sniper perches as an additional layer of security. These positions allow law enforcement snipers to monitor an entire stadium from one central point and respond immediately if something comes up – something Cowboys Stadium needs as it can host up to 100,000 fans! In addition to these snipers there are multiple entrances/exits, increased police presence, magnetometers, and pat-downs designed to limit any possibility of an attack occurring at Cowboys Stadium.

In order to better prepare snipers for these unique environments, TACFLOW Academy has designed a comprehensive course called Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue. The course teaches experienced police snipers how to provide proactive overwatch protection of any public venue that could become the target of domestic or international terrorist attack. Students live fire into purpose built rifle traps inside an actual open or closed stadium and learn how to perform in these dynamic, simulated real world environments – this course is open and available to both active law enforcement snipers as well as retirees. This course can benefit all active and retired law enforcement snipers alike!