what states allow online gambling

Gambling laws differ significantly from state to state, although certain forms are banned by the federal government. As each state can regulate and permit different forms of gambling within their borders, players have plenty of choices when searching for places to gamble – from traditional casinos to regulated online gambling platforms in some instances.

New Jersey has long been considered a leader in legal gambling, pioneering sports betting before many other states did and introducing online casino gaming in 2021. New Jersey is widely considered to have among the most liberal regulations when it comes to legal gambling.

Pennsylvania has followed Pennsylvania in legalizing online gambling, becoming an increasingly popular choice for sports bettors. In 2021, they expanded to offer daily fantasy sports and horse racing betting, but bettors must use licensed sites within Pennsylvania otherwise they risk breaking state law.

Oregon is well known as being among the strictest states when it comes to gambling, and Oregon does not permit casino-style online gambling. Lotterie games as well as sports betting and pari-mutuel wagering on horse races at on-track and off-track locations are available within Oregon’s borders.

Rhode Island legalized online gambling in 2018, and three regulated casino sites had opened by 2022. Rhode Island plans on increasing its offerings over time and may become an attractive spot for iGaming companies looking for opportunities in new markets.

Alabama’s state constitution forbids lotteries and gambling, making legalization unlikely anytime soon. State Senator Greg Albritton has submitted several bills that address this issue but none has yet passed successfully.

Wisconsin stands out among smaller states by having some of the strictest gambling laws in America. Boasting two tribal casinos as well as lottery, charitable bingo and daily fantasy sports competitions; Wisconsin also doesn’t feature any state-wide sportsbooks.

Puerto Rico stands out as an exception, permitting casino-style gambling and offering an electronic lottery. Cockfighting remains illegal on its territory, so it’s wise to know exactly what’s involved before visiting any casino there.