One of our favorite games to play with toddlers and preschoolers is lotto, a variation on bingo that uses picture cards instead of numbers. Lotto provides great practice for preschoolers to recognize images, words, and feelings; simply call out a picture to the students to cover with buttons or pennies; the first player with four rows completed wins the game! Some lotto sets include special prizes as an added incentive!

Lotto can be an effective and fun way for students or children with autism to practice turn-taking, social interaction and problem solving. Furthermore, lotto provides an engaging opportunity for developing vocabulary matching reasoning describing and visual discrimination skills.

I will provide some different strategies and printables that will enable you to play lotto with your children at home or in school. These printables can help ensure a fun time when playing this classic board game together!

Shape Lotto

Young children often struggle to understand shapes, particularly at an early age. Repetition and practice is required in order to master shapes; we provide numerous activities designed to teach this concept such as shape sorters and puzzles; however, sometimes switching it up with something fun like Shape Lotto could help!

Lotto boards and picture cards can be easily found online for you to print for your children to play. Or you could make your own lotto board and cards on heavy paper or cardstock and laminate them for durability – then let your children play it over and over.