Volatility of slot machines dictates how frequently and how much they pay out in the short term, giving players information that allows them to select games that match both their budget and risk tolerance.

Low-volatility games feature small payouts more frequently and can help to stretch out your bankroll over time, making them ideal for gamblers who prefer smaller wins.


There are various strategies you can employ to narrow down your selection and find the ideal slot machine for your budget. One is to search for machines with low volatility – these often offer lower payouts but still present opportunities to win big prizes; making these ideal for slow playback players who like taking their time with playing slot machines.

Checking the paytable of any game is also a way of gauging its volatility, since this reveals its frequency and size of payouts. For instance, if four of a kind symbols tend to pay out relatively small amounts while five of a kind pay out significantly more, that may indicate high volatility within that game.

Higher volatility slots present greater risks and offer smaller rewards, yet these games can still be exciting if you enjoy long dry spells followed by big wins. They may also appeal to gamblers willing to risk everything for the chance at an enormous jackpot prize.

Bonus rounds

Finding a low volatility slot game means finding one with regular wins and moderate payouts – one where regular wins don’t go for hours without being met with anything, while simultaneously not risking missing out on life-changing jackpots. There are various providers who provide such slots, such as Microgaming’s Wild Scarabs, Guns N Roses by Betsoft and Reels of Wealth by NetEnt among many more – all providing games with this type of low volatility playability.

An effective way to assess a slot’s volatility is by taking a close look at its paytable. Checking payouts for different symbols and how frequently they pay out will give a clear idea. A machine which regularly pays out small-value wins (low volatility) while high-volatility machines tend to offer larger less-frequent wins would likely fall under this category; choosing the appropriate volatility depends on both bankroll size and play style – those with larger budgets could afford to take more risks with higher-risk games that offer massive payouts!


Volatility of slot games can have a dramatic impact on a gambler’s winning potential. A low volatility game offers frequent small wins that keep bankrolls healthy; high volatility games tend to offer larger payouts but come with greater risks. There are ways of identifying this characteristic of any given game before beginning play – an early play test might give an indicator of its likely volatility level.

First of all, take a look at the paytable to understand which symbols appear often and evaluate the payouts for 4 and 5-of-a-kind symbols to assess their volatility.

Another key aspect to keep in mind when choosing a machine is its RTP (return to player percentage). While this might not have as great of an impact as volatility, selecting one that best matches your personal tastes and budget can improve your gambling experience significantly.

Game themes

No matter your aesthetic preference – be it cute animals, vampires slaying each other or relaxing on a beach – slot games offer something for every player. While some players might prefer fast-paced high volatility titles to low risk titles with frequent small wins – finding something you enjoy playing is essential! It’s key that you find a theme which appeals to you personally!

Medium volatility slots are an increasingly popular subcategory that lies somewhere in between high- and low-risk slot machines, offering medium sized prizes more often than their low-risk counterparts. Some popular examples are Finn’s Golden Tavern by NetEnt and Asgardian Stones by Play n Go.

These games typically provide a mix of bonus rounds and symbols from a wider selection. Some even boast progressive multipliers and giant icons for added excitement! This type of gaming is perfect for newcomers to online gambling.