Online gambling has quickly grown into a massive industry across the US, with legal casino play and sports betting now available in more than 30 states. But state laws still vary on this matter, meaning some states remain more restrictive when it comes to online gambling than others. Here we go through all 50 states and discuss their current regulations regarding this form of entertainment!

New York stands as an exemplar of a state that does not yet allow residents access to online or in-person gambling; both forms of betting have been banned in New York since inception of casinos there in 1973. Recently however, efforts have been underway to legalize iGaming in New York, raising hopes that perhaps by 2023 things might change for the better in this state.

Hawaii stands as another example of a state with stringent gaming regulations, prohibiting social casinos and any form of online casino gaming – something unlikely to change anytime soon.

Connecticut was an early leader when it comes to legalized iGaming, legalizing sports betting back in 2012. Connecticut remains one of the top markets for iGaming with companies like DraftKings and FanDuel accepting bets from residents within its borders.

Pennsylvania was another early adopter, opening their first online casinos in 2019. Now home to some of the nation’s premier iGaming sites.

West Virginia boasts a robust market for online casino gambling, with several of the nation’s leading operators teaming up with operators from this state to deliver great online casino gaming experiences to gamblers from around the globe. Aside from being an attractive option for gamblers online and off, Churchill Downs provides some of the finest horse racing action available anywhere worldwide.

North Dakota lawmakers rejected North Dakota’s attempt to legalize online gambling in 2021; currently only sports bets can be placed at certain brick-and-mortar casinos in North Dakota.

Louisiana stands out in terms of online gambling as its policy varies according to parish. 55 of 64 parishes have legalized sports betting while the remainder of Louisiana continues to prohibit it; only tribal casinos provide residents a way to place bets.