Game of Thrones Slots Casino promises an exhilarating slots adventure: Prepare yourself for an all new slots adventure as Westerosians unite behind teamwork on slot machines in order to reach Westeros and secure the Iron Throne! Explore classic casino games as well as never-before-seen social features that enable teamwork in order to achieve victory at sitting upon it!

This unique take on casino games emphasizes building your empire of slots spins rather than massive jackpot wins, rather than trying for huge jackpot wins. Players collect coins and build up their bankroll to unlock characters like Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and others from Game of Thrones (the show and books). This makes the game much more engaging and explains why fans of both have taken so quickly to it!

Though this game offers character and house specific bonuses, as well as standard casino slot elements like Bursting Wilds, Bonus Retriggers and Wheel Spins; giving it a level of consistency hard to find elsewhere. Unfortunately, gameplay may become repetitive after some time if your budget remains unchanged; but setting an annual playing limit is easily remedied with disciplined spending habits.

As another way to boost your winnings, why not compete against other players in weekly For the Throne slot leagues? If your House can defeat all challengers and claim the prize pool, you could stand a good chance of receiving anywhere between 100 to over 50,000 coins as rewards!

As is typical in social casino games, Houses allow you to compete against other players and gain extra free rewards. As your House levels up, more powerful bonuses and rewards become unlocked for you!

One of the key aspects of Zynga’s game is its social element; with both chat features and the House system providing ways for players to collaborate on conquest of seven kingdoms with friends. This makes the experience much more fun while helping reach higher levels quicker – an amazing achievement in itself, which contributed to Zynga’s enormous success.